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We are thrilled that our survey article on encrypted control is now available in the 56th volume of Annual Reviews in Control. Apart from providing a comprehensive overview, a central goal of our article is to enhance the accessibility of cryptographic methods for control engineers.

For a good reason, one of the most influential concepts in control theory is safety, which typically comes in the flavors of stability, robustness, reliability, or resilience, which are main driving forces in research. With increasing connectivity in control systems, however, considering safety only in terms of classical control notions falls short. In fact, an increased connectivity comes with a pressing need to address cybersecurity threats in control systems.

A reliable way to address cybersecurity is via cryptographic methods. Unfortunately, they have little commonalities with classical engineering disciplines, which makes them at first rather inaccessible for engineers. Against this background, our article provides a comprehensive overview of developments in encrypted control, which are categorized by their use of cryptographic methods. Furthermore, this viewpoint is enriched by short tutorials on related cryptography. Finally, we anticipate future developments and provide novel research directions.

For further information you may contact Nils or Philipp or directly inpsect the article:

N. Schlüter, P. Binfet, and M. Schulze Darup. A brief survey on encrypted control: From the first to the second generation and beyond, Annual Reviews in Control, vol. 56, 2023. DOI: 10.1016/j.arcontrol.2023.100913

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Overview of tools for privacy-preserving computations and their features as discussed in our survery.